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Middle School Musical

Welcome… we are glad you are here.

The North Allegheny School District has a play review committee in place for all theatrical productions.  The Middle School Directing Team suggests a show for them to review. When/If the school Board votes in favor for the production, we will officially name our show.

There is a one-time fee. The High School Musical will cover most expenses, but this fee will help to cover the costs of: Musical rights, Costume rentals, Set building materials, Props, etc.

All information including, schedules, forms, and links to ticket sales can be found on the musical website:

We typically schedule a Wednesday Senior Citizen Performance, Thursday evening Opening Night performance, Saturday evening performance, and a Sunday afternoon: Matinee performance. 


Currently, we are asking 7th and 8th graders to audition for the musical. The NASH stage can comfortably hold around sixty students depending on the show.  We will not double cast.

We are also looking for individuals who are interested in stage crew.  These positions include: sound, lights, video, set and backdrop movement, props, and make-up. Anyone who is interested in stage crew is welcome to contact the directing team. No auditions are required.  We will do our best to take all interested stage crew students.


The auditions and performances will take place at the Senior High School (NASH).  In the event that there is no space available, rehearsals will take place at Marshall Middle School (MMS).

Dates and Times:

We typically conduct general auditions in the late spring at NASH. All families will be notified by email shortly after school concludes with the results. Rehearsals will occur throughout the Fall. The exact days and time will be determined soon (please see the next paragraph). Our performance will take place on the NASH stage in December.

We are building the Fall rehearsal schedule.  Through the contact information form, we are asking for known conflicts. We will do our best to create a schedule that can accommodate students and families. Please check back for exact times and days.

Volunteer Help:

There are many areas where parents can help.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping.  The musical is a fun and rewarding experience. This is a great way to watch your child work in a team, learn, have fun, and grow.

Audition Sign-Up Forms:

When we re ready for auditions, please see our website for the online sign-ups. The sign-ups and audition materials will be posted at the same time.

Call-back Call-backs for lead roles will occur during a later time @ NASH.

Materials for both sets of auditions will be posted on the NA Musical website.

There are three parts to the auditions:

1.     Vocal: Will be given a few song selections to choose from

2.     Acting: Will be given script passages to learn and perform

3.     Dance: Will be taught a routine and then perform it

Students may wear something professional looking (or part looking) for the singing and acting portions of the audition.  For the dance portion, it is suggested to wear comfortable clothing with tennis shoes/dance shoes. Resumes and head shots are not necessary, but we will welcome anything that you would like to bring.

Students will sign up for a time slot and individually sing a vocal selection from the proposed show. Then in groups (roughly five), students will read lines from the proposed show. The final part of the audition will take place on the NASH stage.  Students will be taught a dance in a large group.  Then the group will be split and students will be evaluated on the dance.

You will receive an email a soon after the auditions letting you know who will be included in the production. If your child has been chosen for a Call-back for a bigger role, you will be notified and given instructions.  Students who are not chosen for a called-back role are still members of the cast and will perform with the company.

Please remember, there are three parts to the audition score – singing – dancing – acting. If you are worried about one of these three components, you have two other components to rely on for the overall score. Please do your best to enter the audition with confidence and SMILE! The directing team has children that range from 2 years of age all the way through children in their 20ies! We will do our best to calm any student who may be too nervous to audition.

What We Need:

Contact information,

Child’s name/grade,

Potential or known conflicts for the Fall

We will ask for known conflicts again in August.

Our Shows Include:

2022 Newsies JR
2021 High School Musical JR
2020 Middle School Musical Review
2019 Elf JR
2018 Disney’s The Lion King JR
2017 Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR