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Welcome middle school and high school students.


It seems that every year, a successful production occurs.  Many individuals, including us, wonder how we can create an experience as wonderful as the previous years! Our shows can only be considered a success because of the outstanding students.  We are fortunate to work with talented, caring, and dedicated students. Thankful does not begin to state how we feel about our jobs.


We are excited for this year. Please check back often for news and updates.

Upcoming Events


The Middle School Musical featured dancer practice videos are online and ready to view. They can be found here.  If you have any questions, please fee lfree to ask.

The High School Musical auditions will be on Saturday, September 23 in the Senior High School auditorium and chorus room.

Please register here.

Audition sign-ups can be located here
Juniors and Seniors may begin to sign up on Thursday, September 7.
 Freshman and Sophomores may begin to sign up on Friday, September, 8.

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