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This site is built to provide information about the high school and middle school musicals. We are getting ready for both events (December and March)!  Please check the middle and high school musical pages for more details.


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High School Musical Info...

  • It is time forthe ONLINE audition
  • Audition Materials are now posted!
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 Middle School Musical Info...

This year, we will be presenting a Musical Review.  
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September, 2020 - Families complete the waiver form and bring to the first rehearsal.
     The protocol pages may be found here.
     The district’s safety steps.
     The information letter may also be found here.
September, 2020 - Rehearsals begin on Thursday, September 17

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If you need to contact the directors:


High School Staff: (hs@)

Bob Tozier, Artistic Director (bob@)
Open Position, Dramatic Director (xxx@)
Andrea Jaecks, Choreographer (andrea@)
Jamie Davis, Accompanist (jamie@)
Beth Leckey, Vocal Coach (beth@)
David Schmiech, Vocal Coach (david@)
Sarah Lavelle, Pit Director (sarah @)
Linda Granite, Pit Director Asst. (linda@)
Kevin Zebley, Stage Manager (kevin@)
Ahlam Weidman, Parent Coordinator (ahlam@)

Middle School Staff:(ms@)

Bob Tozier, Artistic Director (bob@)
Steve Schmidt, Dramatic Director (steve@)
Victoria Clune, Choreographer (tori@)
Lisa Hoffmann, Vocal Coach (lisa@)
Kevin Zebley, Stage Manager (kevin@)
Ahlam Weidman, Parent Coordinator (ahlam@)


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