Before you sign up to audition, please take a few moments to review the information included below to understand the details and expectations. The Directing Team is excited to begin the process for another fun show!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us:
Robert Tozier 724.934.7230
Ahlam Weidman 412.445.2355

Students should only audition if they are able to fully commit to the show – all rehearsals and performances. Allowable absences from rehearsals are for illness and emergencies only. The musical is comparable to a team sport; we need everyone there to make it successful. Students who miss for other reasons will be dismissed from the show.

Rehearsal Schedule
This is still being finalized, but rehearsals are typically Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-8:30, and Saturdays from 9:00-11:00. Rehearsals will be held at NASH and possibly Marshall Middle School, if needed. Extra Rehearsals may be added as we get closer to the performances.

How Many Students?
We can showcase approximately 60 cast members, comprised of 7th and 8th graders only. Interested 6th graders may participate as stage crew only. We do not double cast. Cuts will be made based on audition scores.

Advertising and Cost:
We will not collect business ads, but will encourage parents to buy ad space to send wishes and notes to their children. The participation fee will be $60.00 per student.

We need your help!! We will ask parents to volunteer if they are able. Some of the areas we need help include: Lobby Sales. Set building and painting, Costumes, Props, Ushersing, Help with meals, and Backstage help. All volunteers must have the district-required clearances.

Online ticket sales will begin about a month before the show opens through ShowClix. Parents will receive an online code for presale about a week before the public has access.

First Round Auditions:
2 Parts:
Vocal: Will be given a few song selections to choose from
Acting: Will be given script passages to learn and perform
All audition materials can be found on our website. You will audition individually for the signing and in groups of 5 for the acting.

All In This together

Bop To The Top

Breaking Free

Something New

Dance Audition

Dance Audition
Dance Audition Walk Through

Following first round Auditions
You will receive an email a week or two after the auditions letting you know who will be included in the production. If your child has been chosen for a callback for a bigger role, you will be notified and given instructions. Callbacks will tentatively be held a few days before school starts in August.

Wednesday, December (middle of the month): TWO performances: 5th & 6th Grade show in the morning, and Senior Citizen Performance in the afternoon.
Friday, December (same week as the Wednesday performances): Evening
Saturday, December (same week as the Wednesday performances): Evening
Sunday, December (same week as the Wednesday performances): Matinee