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    The Middle Schools Musical!
    The 2019 Cast List

    General Auditions: Monday, June 3, 2019 @ NASH
    Call Back Auditions for Lead Roles: August 20, 2019 @ NASH


    Wednesday, December 11: TWO performances: 5th & 6th Grade show in the morning, and Senior Citizen Performance in the afternoon.
    Friday, December 13: Evening
    Saturday, December 14: Evening
    Sunday, December 15: Matinee


    Call Backs (all materials may be found on this site):

    I’ll Believe in you - prepare the whole song: boys prepare Michael / girls prepare mrs. hobbs
    Worlds Greatest Dad - boys
    Never Fall in Love with an Elf - girls



    Girls should learn all female parts
    Boys should learn all male parts

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    What do you need to know!

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