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Welcome middle school students and parents!  We are extremely excited to perform NA's first Middle School Musical.  


Congratulations to all who have made the cast list. We look forward to beginning rehearsals in September!



The group lists can be found here


The Cast of 2017 Beauty and the Beast





Paulina Bradley 


Drew Lopuszynski 

Mrs. Potts 

Dillon Grace Ferraro 


Coleman Walsh 


Graham Wolfe 


Kiran Szymkowiak 


Ben Balbach 


Nicole Baker 


Hannah Oldham 


Emma Swanson 


Gannon Sprinkle 

Silly Girl 1 

Gabriella Cappelloni 

Silly Girl 2 

Abbey Hahn 

Silly Girl 3 

Anna Parsons 

Narrator 1 

Ella Deeter 

Narrator 2 

Tyler Prosser 

Narrator 3 

Sara Weller 

Narrator 4 

Caroline Curran 


Benjamin Welsh 

Old Woman/Enchantress 

Anna Hasselbusch 

Book Seller 

John Scott 

Aristocratic Lady 

Juliana Romanelli 


Brendan White 

Egg Man 

Rachel Faulkner 

Sausage Curl Girl 

Thea Cross 


Lorenzo Zottoli 

Lady with a Cane 

Aria Ogle 

Lady with a Baby 

Emily Gierczynski 

Candle Man 

Eliot Maravich 

Hat Seller 

Kate Snodgrass 


Abby Rapp 


Ashley Williams 

A Mother 

Zoe Tracey 

Villager 1 

Marissa Granite 

Villager 2 

Maggie Reinhart 

Villager 3 

William Schenk 


Isabella Teets 


Kimberlee Tozier 


Zoe Bertran 


Alyssa Griffin 


Macy Seymour 


Gabriella Cappelloni 


Featured Dancers 

Featured Dancers 

Isabella Teets 


Kimberlee Tozier 


Zoe Bertram 


Alyssa Griffin 


Macy Seymour 


Gabriella Cappelloni 


Maddie Baker 


Thea Cross 


Rachel Faulkner 


Sally Cho 


Juliana Romanelli 


Abbey Hahn 


Ana Hasselbusch 


Jessica Daninhirsch 


Michaela Golik 


John Scott 


Caroline Curran 


Cassandra Pultorak 


Hailey Regule 


Claire Clemmer 


Maisy Wadlow 


Tyler Prosser 


Ashley Williams 


Maeren Quirke 


Emily Gierczynski 


Maggie Reinhart 


Abby Rapp 


Ella Baker 


Gabriela Bauer 


Ava Billmann 


McKenna Flannagan 


Rachel Hockenberry 


Avery Hoffman 


Noah Lego 


Morgan Litz 


Cate Maldia 


Sofia Mianzo 


Marissa Milliron 


Zach Musi 


Satvik Palagani 


Elizabeth Paski 


Olivia Phillips 


Alana Stites 

Here are links to practice videos for the featured dancers in 2017 Beauty and the Beast:


BatB practice Music may be found here

BatB pictures may be found here

2017 Middle School Audition


The 2017 auditions for the middle school musical will take place at the senior high school on June 5, 7 ,and 8.  Call-back auditions are scheduled for August 29 @ NASH.

Sign-ups are currently available at the botton of this page.

There are three parts to the audition.  You will sign up for an audition time.  This will be the time that you sing.  Singing will be one student at a time.  In groups of five, students will act lines from the provided script exerpts.  This process will take place between 5:30 and 7:30.  From 7:30 to 8:00, all students will be taught the dance for the audition. Students will then be placed in small groups to perform the dance for the audition.  The audition will conclude at 8:30 each night.  

1.     Vocal: There are 2 song choices for girsl and 3 for boys.  Please choose one song and memorize it.  We have provided two audio tracks for each selection.  One track has the singing and one track is the accompaniment. For the audition, you will sing alone the song of your choice.  The accompaniment track will play for you during the audition.

2.     Acting: There are 5 selections from the proposed musical.  Please download all 5 of them and familiarize yourself with all of them.  Although memorization is not mandatory, if you are able to memorize these lines, it will help. You will be acting the lines from these selections in groups of 5 students. 

3.     Dance: All students will be taught the dance at 8 PM each night. Students will then be placed in small groups to perform the dance for the audition.  This will take place between 8:00 and 8:30.  


Students may wear something professional looking (or part looking) for the singing and acting portions of the audition.  For the dance portion, it is suggested to wear comfortable clothing with tennis shoes/dance shoes. Resumes and head shots are not necessary, but we will welcome anything that you would like to bring.


Students will sign up for a time slot and individually sing a vocal selection from the proposed show. Then in groups of five, students will read lines from the proposed show. The final hour of the audition will take place on the NASH stage.  Students will be taught a dance in a large group.  Then the group will be split and students will be evaluated on the dance.


You will receive an email a week after the auditions letting you know who will be included in the production. If your child has been chosen for a Call-back for a bigger role, you will be notified and given instructions. Call-backs will be held on August 29th during the evening. Students who are not chosen for a called-back role are still members of the cast and will perform with the company.


Please remember, there are three parts to the audition score – singing – dancing – acting. If you are worried about one of these three components, you have two other components to rely on for the overall score. Please do your best to enter the audition with confidence and SMILE! The directing team has children that range from 2 years of age all the way through children in their 20ies! We will do our best to calm any student who may be too nervous to audition.


Singing Selelctions:

Acting Selections:


Audition Sign-Up Forms:

Monday, June 5, 2017 5:30-8:80

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 5:30-8:30

Thursday, June 8, 2017 5:30-8:30


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