• 2017 Legally Blonde
  • 2018 Little Mermaid

  • High School Musical

    Welcome high school sudents. As we begin this year, we ask you to please register, sign up, choose a song, and choose a monologue. Please bring tap shoes if you have them.  Wear clothes they can move in and bring a water bottle (especially if you are doing their singing/acting audition second).  If they have character shoes or jazz shoes – wear them.  If not tennis shoes are okay.


    Song selections for audition:


    Close Every Door cut tenor | Tenor-CloseDoor

    If I Loved You cut tenor | Tenor-IfILoveYou

    Out There cut tenor | Tenor-OutThere

    Sit Down cut tenor | Tenor-RockinBoat



    Cockeyed Optimist cut soprano | Soprano-Optimist

    I’ll Know cut soprano | Soprano-I'llKnow

    My White Knight cut soprano | Soprano-WhiteKnight

    Out of my Dreams Cut Soprano | Soprano-OutOFDreams



    You’ve Got Possibilities cut belter | Belter-Possibilities

    Wonderful Guy cut belter | Belter-WonderfulGuy

    There are Worse cut belter | Belter-Worse

    Shy cut belter | Belter-Shy



    I Could Write a Cut Baritone | Baritone-Book

    I Don’t Remember Cut baritone | Baritone-HappyTimes

    On the Street Cut Baritone | Baritone-StreetLive

    Love I Hear cut baritone | Baritone-LoveIHear

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